Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator (AHBA) loans

A new loan solution for community housing providers

To help provide better solutions for registered community housing providers, NHFIC operates an Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator (AHBA).

The AHBA aims to provide cheaper and longer-term secured loan finance for community housing by issuing bonds in capital markets.

Who can apply?

The AHBA welcomes proposals from registered community housing providers.

Need more information?

If you are interested in applying for an AHBA loan, first read the AHBA Guidelines to find out more about the application process, terms and conditions.

View the AHBA Guidelines here.

Or if you have further questions refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

View the factsheet here.

Need help applying?

Eligible community housing providers (CHPs) can access tailored assistance from a panel of approved professional advisory service providers to help with allocations for funding from either NHFIC’s Affordable Housing Bond Aggregator or the National Housing Infrastructure Facility.

Key conditions are:

  • Grants of up to $20,000 (GST inclusive) available to CHPs registered as Tier 2 or 3 (under the National Regulatory System, and the WA Regulatory Framework), or ‘Housing Providers’ (by the Victorian Housing Registrar).
  • Grant referrals from NHFIC to the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA), based on CHPs providing at least an initial expression of interest for AHBA or NHIF finance. CHPs can select consultants from names on the approved Panel.

The Capacity Building Program provides consultancy services covering four key areas:

  • Finance: project and business financial modelling, fund raising, financial risk analysis and key ratios
  • Business planning: project and business planning, preparation of business cases, forming partnerships, monitoring results
  • Property development: developing or procuring new social and affordable housing, mixed tenure, sustainable and accessible property design, urban planning, place making
  • Risk management: understanding risks (business, financial, policy, governance etc.) and managing, monitoring and mitigating risk.

The grant process is simple and straight-forward. To be considered for a grant you need to have submitted an initial expression of interest (EOI) to NHFIC for AHBA or NHIF finance.  NHFIC’s Origination team will then contact you to discuss your EOI and might suggest your proposal needs more assistance, in which case they will make a referral to CHIA who administers the program on NHFIC’s behalf. CHPs can select consultants from the approved panel on the CHIA website. 

You can have an initial conversation with NHFIC’s Origination team by calling 1800 549 767 or email You can also find more information about the grant by visiting the CHIA website.

Ready to enquire? 

Complete the following eligibility checklist.  Once complete, you will be instructed to complete the full online expression of interest form.

Eligibility Checklist

Social Bond

NHFIC’s first bond issuance was a social bond of A$315m issued in March 2019. In issuing a social bond NHFIC aims to:

  • support its mandate to help low income and vulnerable Australians access affordable housing. Investing in NHFIC social bonds provides investors with the unique opportunity to be a part of the solution to the housing crisis faced by these Australians
  • highlight the acute shortage of affordable housing in Australia in an effort to attract more attention to the issue 
  • encourage investors to support the development of the sustainability and social bond markets in Australia.

The inaugural bond issue was for a tenor of 10 years and was rated AAA (stable) by S&P.

NHFIC has developed a Social Bond Framework aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) and the International Capital Market Association’s Social Bond Principles 2018 (“SBPs”). NHFIC intends to expand the Framework to cover issuance of Sustainability and/or Green bonds in the future. The Framework governs:

  • the use of proceeds of bond issuance,
  • the process for evaluation and selection of assets financed or refinanced by the issue,
  • the management of the proceeds of the issue, and
  • the form of reporting NHFIC will undertake.

View the Sustainability Bond Framework here.

NHFIC aims to follow best market practise by submitting the Framework and its processes to external review.

  • Ernst & Young has provided pre-issuance assurance confirming the initial social bond issuance was in compliance with the Framework and that the Framework and nominated assets for the bonds meet the identification, management of proceeds and reporting principles of the SBPs.
  • NHFIC intends to commission external assurance within 12 months.

View the Pre-issuance Assurance Statement here.